Driving growth in challenging times

To drive growth, product and marketing leaders in high-tech and telecom provider organizations need to make essential decisions around their key priorities. You and your team get support to build and accelerate these decisions across your business through concrete insights from analysts who advise your customers and examine your markets and competitors every day.

iPowersoft helps you focus on offering next-gen services to your customer with our inventive telecom IT solution which involves IoT, high-speed internet, VOIP & a lot more. Ensure enhanced team collaboration and flexibility with remarkable IT solutions for the telecom industry.

Benefits to the Customer

  • Solutions for comprehensive managers/commerce-unit heads
  • Solutions for superior product administration leaders and teams
  • Solutions for product market leaders and team
  • Solutions for emergent-tech CEOs and teams
  • Solutions for tech content marketers and teams

We have been helping Telecom Service Providers build BSS (Business Support Systems) for billing, sales, and ordering OSS (Operational Support Systems) and CRM platforms, including the integration of custom and COTS applications.

Why iPowersoft for Telecommunications ?

Infrastructure Management Services

Administering and managing technology, information and data in a proactive way

Engineering and R&D Services

Transformation, enabling customers to accelerate their digital journey and create phenomenal user experiences

Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management

Big Data Analytics

We give you big data benefits seamed with our telecom IT services to help you innovate, complete and aim for higher business value

App Modernization

Modern mobile app development and platform engineering solutions that bring you much closer to your users while securing your internal processes.

Transfer Management

Innovative BPO telecom practice support for your front-end, back-end processes on wireless, mobile, cable, VoIP and TV service lines.

iPowersoft across Industry Verticals

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