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Did you ever think that you could deliver applications in no time, with high reliability, consistency, efficiency and minimum resources, all irrespective of your deployment environment? Then you should witness the power of ‘Containerization’!

In the age of cloud computing and distributed systems, containerization has become a popular practice. Packaging an application together with its configuration files, libraries, and other dependencies provides an efficient and error-free way to move them across different environments. Dubbed as “lightweight virtualization,” application containerization encapsulates the software and its dependencies into a single isolated box. This makes it easier to deploy several distributed applications at once across machines of different configurations. In short, you can code once and deploy many times over.

Docker is one of the most popular container formats that we use to deliver applications. It is open-source and supported on Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure platforms.

Reasons to Containerize Applications
  • Distributed
  • Portable
  • Independent
  • Run-on single server
  • Deliver faster than on VM
Container Orchestration

Container orchestration works with tools like Kubernetes and Docker Swarm. Configurations files tell the container orchestration tool how to network between containers and where to store logs. The orchestration tool also schedules deployment of containers into clusters and determines the best host for the container. Essentially, container orchestration tools automate and manage the many moving pieces associated with microservices within a large application, including scheduling and organizing the following tasks:

  • Configuration and scheduling containers
  • Provisioning and deployment of containers
  • Scaling containers to balance workloads
  • Allocating container resources
  • Load balancing or traffic routing
  • Cluster management
  • Service discovery
  • Health monitoring for containers and hosts
  • Shifting containers due to an unavailable host or lack of resources

Choose From Container Orchestration Tools

Kubernetes Container Orchestration

Kubernetes is widely appreciated for its motility. Workloads can be moved without redefining the application or infrastructure since its starting point is the cluster, which increases its portability.

Kubernetes creates an abstract hardware layer that allows DevOps teams to deliver a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and makes it easier to request additional resources to scale an application without the need for more physical machines.

The Docker container orchestration

The Docker tool ships with Docker and requires one of the easiest configurations. If you’re operating on multiple cloud platforms or if you’re new to container orchestration, Docker Swarm is an appealing orchestration platform due to ease of use and a low learning curve. Docker is an ideal choice for smaller deployments.

Docker is also well-known for providing and maintaining updated documentation, which is helpful if you encounter an issue or are in need of information.

Mesos Container Orchestration

Mesos has many advantages, including its lightweight interface and support of a number of programming languages. It also simplifies resource allocation by combining abstract data resources into a single pool without affecting performance.

The greatest benefit of Mesos is its inherent flexibility and scalability; you can easily scale an application or infrastructure to tens of thousands of nodes.

Orchestration Resources

Here are some additional solutions and resources to support your needs.

  • Kubernetes Monitoring
  • Docker Monitoring
  • Microservice Monitoring
  • DevOps Monitoring
  • Cloud Monitoring

We built the solution with microservices architecture and separate Docker containers for each service. To host and manage the Docker containers, we used Kubernetes that allowed for multiple deployments and rollbacks with minimum worry. In short, Build and deploy faster using container technology.

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