Getting started with a data pipeline

Before you try to build or deploy a data pipeline, you must understand your business objectives, designate your data sources and destinations, and have the right tools. But setting up a reliable data pipeline doesn’t have to be complex and time-consuming. iPowersoft makes the process easy and gets the most from your data pipeline, faster than ever before.

Businesses generate massive amounts of data that must be analyzed in order to derive business value. We iPowersoft helps you with the following:

  • Batch processing is most useful for when you want to move large volumes of data at a regular interval, and you do not need to move data in real time.
  • Real-time These tools are optimized to process data in real time such as the data from financial markets or telemetry from connected devices.
  • Cloud native These tools are optimized to work with cloud-based data, such as data from AWS buckets allowing you to save money on infrastructure and expert resources because you can rely on the infrastructure and expertise of the vendor hosting your pipeline.
  • Open source These tools are most useful when you need a low-cost alternative to a commercial vendor and you have the iPowersoft expertise to develop or extend the tool for your purposes.

iPowersoft guesswork out of building a data pipeline.

Combine your data

The more data the better.We support many integrations across databases, applications, and APIs.

Enrich your data

Transform data in the stream to enable real-time alerts, anomaly detection, and more.

Transport your data

Transport your data integrates with dozens of SDKs and APIs with millisecond latency.

Analyze your data

Whether you're connecting your favorite BI tool or developing and deploying your own custom dashboards, a modern data pipeline facilitates real-time, secure analysis of data from multiple sources.

Stream real-time events

you can see that data as it flows through your pipeline in real time, allowing you to collect live data samples, measure real-time metrics, search and filter live data streams, monitor data behavior, and identify patterns as they form.

Secure all your data

your data is encrypted in motion and at rest

Learn more about data pipelines

  • ETL tools, including data preparation and data integration tools (Informatica Power Center, Apache Spark, Talend Open Studio).
  • data warehouses – central repositories for relational data transformed (processed) for a particular purpose (Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Oracle). Since the main users are business professionals, a common use case for data warehouses is business intelligence.
  • data lakes – storages for raw, both relational and non-relational data (Microsoft Azure, IBM). Data lakes are mostly used by data scientists for machine learning projects.
  • batch workflow schedulers (Airflow, Luigi, Oozie, or Azkaban) that allow users to programmatically specify workflows as tasks with dependencies between them, as well as automate and monitor these workflows.
  • tools for processing streaming data – data that’s continuously generated by sources like machinery sensors, IoT devices, transaction systems (Apache Spark, Flink, Storm, Kafka).
  • programming languages (Python, Ruby, Java) to define pipeline processes as a code.

Top technologies to build real-time data pipeline

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Hadoop
  • Kafka
  • Spark
  • Striim
  • Keboola
  • Storm

If you struggle to evaluate which option is right for you in both the short and long run, consider talking to iPowersoft data engineering consultants.

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